CanSat to the sky!

We joined the 8th Noshiro Space Event held at Noshiro city in Akita prefecture, stayed there from Aug. 15 to 20.

We doubted holding of the event due to heavy rain on Aug. 16, but our passions chased away rain cloud, so that it became fine on Aug. 17, the day of launch!

10 CanSats of the CLTP3 participants were launched by the respective model rockets thanks to Prof. Akiyama of Wakayama university, flied in the sky. Their parachute unfolded perfectly and the CanSats accomplished their own mission, and took nice movies with cameras installed.

Interestingly, a movie taken by a CanSat caught another one launched by the same launcher, so that we obtained very valuable photos of in-flight CanSat.

We all smiled, because our flights were wonderful and we were filled with a feeling of accomplishment!

After our flight, we visited Hiyoshi shrine on Aug. 18, and we experienced Japanese tea ceremony at a fancy Japanese-style restaurant on Aug. 19.

The duration of CLTP3 seems long but short, but we obtained the accomplishments and shared something there.
And the participants returned to their homelands.
Farewell, not goodbye, Distant Promise to meet again…

though we go again separate in respective countries, we know we can give a tremendous boost to space engineering together in the world.
Let’s get together someday, no matter where,
and we wish your continued success and prosperity, and are willing to be waiting for your reports of space developments!!!

Supervisor, S.