Conducted a flight test at TMU!

Today’s blessed with good weather for a launch of balloon, so we had a good time to conduct a flight test of CLTP3 participants’ CanSats.
Since TMU students had experienced the balloon tests some times, they could fly our balloon at a height of roughly 30 meters in the sky.

A CanSat carrier we had made was attached to the balloon as a separation system to install a CanSat, and the CanSat was released in the sky to parachute down slowly.

Each team experienced the flights of members’ CanSat.

TEAM-A with blue hats

TEAM-B with green hats

TEAM-C with red hats

This flight test with a balloon was not only one of the goals but also a verification test ahead of Noshiro Space Event,

so that it would clarify the problems for the participants to make a success of the final flight of their CanSat at Noshiro Space Event.

In addition, we think that the participants learned what was necessary for a flight of
CanSat and how they conducted the flight test, that is, they obtained a know-how of not only CanSat and a project management but also a flight test.
We are glad if they start their own CanSat project for space engineering education and conduct flight tests in their countries after CLTP3.

I myself learned them from a precedent group, and I am presenting them to the participants in CLTP3. The next thing I hope is that the participants introduce them to their compatriots.
This is the spirit of Capacity Building; the relation of Give and Be Given, NOT Give and Take.

And, we are very happy when peoples in the world fly in the space with each other and get together there.
Because, space is the new frontier for all the members on Planet Earth!

Supervisor, S.