Hello! from TMU

We had a lecture of international understanding by UNISEC, at Tokyo Metropolitan University today, where the students to be staffs in CLTP3 listened in the outline of CanSat activities and had a lesson for English conversation.

Our campus, called Hino Campus in Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU), is located at Hino city, and can provide an environment very suitable for education and research, we are devoting ourselves to studying and developing the space engineerings there.

You can easily find our campus by a map retrieval input as “6-6, Asahigaoka, Hino, Tokyo”

The nearest station is Toyoda, and it may be a game of luck in JR Chuo line from Tokyo or Shinjuku to Toyoda station, you are so happy if you sit on a seat and the train has no delay.

You may set your mind at ease, the shuttle bus is available from Minami-Osawa Campus to Hino Campus.

Minami-Osawa Campus, where the participants of CLTP3 will stay, is very close to Minami-Osawa station in the Keio line.

Anyway, we are preparing for CLTP3 and looking forward to seeing the participants of CLTP3!

Supervisor, S.