Progressing the procedures

I’m now progressing the procedure of dormitory in Tokyo Metropolitan University for the CLTP3 trainees stay, and my students are also preparing the elements such as microprocessor, sensor, and transmitter for the CanSat developed in CLTP3.

Though we are usually developing various circuits based on Renesas H8 or SuperH microprocessors, we’re going to use a PIC processor provided by Microchip Technology Inc., this is because the PIC processor can be available almost all over the world and they can buy it.

We regard the first priority of CLTP3 as sharing an educational method for space engineering, that is, a set of procedures to declare mission statement, to find requirements and specifications, to form subsystems according to them, to fabricate a CanSat, and to conduct tests and flights.

That is, implementing the educational method with CanSat by using PIC microprocessor is one of the very feasible solutions and the probable initiatives for education of space engineering around the globe.

A month, the duration of CLTP3, may be short, but the days would be much dense. We’re very looking forward to seeing the participants of CLTP3 and developing CanSat together, and, also to hearing about your countries!

Supervisor, S.