Rainy Season in Japan

From June to the middle of July is the rainy season in Japan, called ‘Tsuyu’ or ‘Baiu’ written as ‘梅雨’ in kanji character.
The Baiu is gentle rain and falls almost everyday.

We Japanese named all kinds of rains in hundreds of names according to the characteristics of the rain as Kirisame, Konukaame, Kosame, Shigure, Niwakaame, Murasame, Namidaame, Tenkiame, Nagasame, or the season as Harusame, Natanedzuyu, Samidare, Bakuu, Akisame, Kannoame, Hisame, Kan’u, Zuiu, and so on.
Baiu or Tsuyu is one of them.

This rainy season is caused by the Okhotsk Sea air mass and the Ogasawara air mass struggling with each other to form a rain front for a month over Japan.
At the end of the season, powerful lightning heralds the arrival of summer to us.

Then, Summer will come, and CLTP3 too!

Supervisor, S.